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A new way to share and organise your group memories.

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The fastest, easiest, and most intuitive way to share memories – no longer a chore to go through and share all those photos.”

full resolution

Receive photos exactly as they were taken – at full resolution and with all their metadata. Never share a degraded memory again.

end-to-end encrypted

All photos and metadata are end-to-end encrypted to preserve your privacy. You own your memories, not us.

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Personal and shared albums merged

Create albums with your friends and family, add all your photos to the album, then swipe right on the photos you wish to make visible to everyone else in the album. Photos shared by others are ordered chronologically with your unshared photos.

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Privacy by design, not by policy

Unlike other services that claim to respect privacy by making public statements, TripUp guarantee privacy via technical design. Using PGP encryption with device generated keys ensures that nobody other than you can ever access your photos. Privacy is a fundamental human right and we embody that philosophy at the architectural level instead of making promises to do the right thing.

An Enhanced Experience

TripUp comes with bells and whistles

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Prevents Duplicate Photos

Not sure if you’ve already added or shared that photo? Go ahead and select it again! Duplicates are ignored

Native App

Dark mode, Sign in with Apple and a bunch of under the hood stuff for a truly native experience

Works Offline

Import, share and star photos even when offline. Changes are synced when a connection becomes available

Available Across Multiple Devices

Your end-to-end encrypted photos and data are synced across multiple devices

Relive your memories with TripUp