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The secure way to backup and share your memories.

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auto backup

Automatically backs up all your photos to the cloud. Never worry about losing your memories.

full resolution

Backup and share photos exactly as they were taken with full resolution and metadata.

end-to-End encrypted

Photos and metadata are end-to-end encrypted to preserve your privacy.

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Rethink shared albums

We've reworked the concept of shared albums in TripUp – shared albums can contain both private and shared photos. Each album member gets their own personalised view, and can add their own private photos, shared photos and even remove the photos they don't want to see. Perfect for organising your group holiday and event memories!

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Privacy by design and by policy

PGP encryption with device generated keys ensures that nobody other than you and those you share with can ever access your photos. Plus, all of our code is open source, so you know we're not hiding anything or secretly siphoning your data.

With an emphasis on detail

It’s the little things that count

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Multiple Sign-in Options

Register with your phone number, e-mail or be completely anonymous with Sign in with Apple

Total Ownership

See who owns a photo and prevent others from re-sharing photos you’ve shared

Native App

Tailored for each platform – supports Dark mode and Sign in with Apple

Open Source Client and Server

Publicly available and AGPLv3 licensed – to inspect, learn from and contribute to


50 GB

£0.99 / month

200 GB

£2.99 / month

400 GB

£4.99 / month

Relive your memories with TripUp